Protect your Microsoft(R) Access application from being distributed without your knowledge



Welcome to SecureApp for Microsoft Access.


Software piracy is a serious issue for the software industry. According to some analysts, 36% of the software installed on computers worldwide is pirated. Revenue lost to software piracy is estimated at $29 billion worldwide.

We take piracy very seriously. SecureApp was developed and is distributed by NBI internet to protect your Access applications. Contact us at the address below.


SecureApp allows you to distribute Microsoft Access applications

that you would like to license on single machines for limited

times. If the user copies the software to another computer, the

application will require the user to register the product (read

as pay a license fee) before use is permitted.


Access to the application is controlled by an Invoice Number and

a Serial Number. The invoice number is issued by you when you sell

your product or provide a time limited trial version. Trials or licenses

can be extended by you at any time by issuing a new invoice. The users

data is not affected and the application does not require re-installation.

The application will simply "freeze" at the registration screen until a valid

invoice and serial number combination is entered.


Serial numbers are issued through our web site interface. Once you authorize

an invoice number on our website, the user can request a serial number

key for a single computer to open your application. This can be done at any

time the user is ready to register the product. The user simply enters your

invoice number on the Access application registration screen, and clicks

a link to our website where the serial key is issued. You are notified by

email when registration occurs, and again if the user attempts to register

the same invoice on another computer. Our system only allows one computer

per registration.


Safely distribute your access software applications without "wrapping" a

trialware protection or 3rd party key. You control the process and can add

licenses at will.


Your application is distributed as an access database. When the user

starts Access, the registration screen requires correct entry of the invoice

number and serial number. Once the combination is correct, your

application runs. Each time the application starts, registration is checked.

If the license is still valid, the application starts. Using our protection

strategy, if the end user changes your application startup screen, Access will

shut down the application on startup.



Contact Us for full details or for a free demonstration of the software.


NBI internet

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

877-780-5326 ext 201


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