Microsoft(R) Access application: Time & Attendance Manager

Time and Attendance Manager!

Welcome to Time & Attendance 1.0

This application was written with Microsoft Access 2000 and is distributed as an MDB/MDE file. The user requires a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Access in order to run this program. See our apps page if you do not have MS Access installed on your machine for the runtime version.

What this software does

This software allows you to manage your team members schedule and attendance on your computer.  

Start by adding your team members and their contact information.

Enter shift schedules and assign your team to departments.

Track requests for vacations, days off, sickness, and tardiness. Add any number of absence codes to track your team.

Track discussions with your team members on attendance issues or any other disciplinary action.

Set up your training requirements and track this on the same system.

Create weekly crew schedules and post this in the department. No more guessing who is off, or manually creating shift schedules. You can get all your team members schedules at the click of a button.

Want to see who is off on a particular day, or look ahead and see who is booked off. It’s a snap with time and attendance by NBI internet.

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Team Member Information


Manage Shift Schedules


Training Manager


Book Time Off