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Tracer+ Inventory Manager and Storefront.


Welcome to Inventory 1.2

This application was written with Microsoft Access 2000 and is distributed as an MDB file. The user requires a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Access in order to run this program.

What this software does

It is a generic inventory management application intended for small business.

Password protection by user name is available as an option on startup. It opens as a storefront for sale of goods and services. A password protected admin section allows inventory management.

Inventory items can be added with unique inventory numbers and descriptions. Each inventory item can have multiple shelf locations and sites.

Each inventory location has a MIN, MAX, QOH, ROP, ROQ, EOQ Fields are available for Last_Counted and Last_Received. If QOH is adjusted the Last_Updated field is set to todays date. Adjustments to inventory are tracked in a transaction log. An average unit cost and Vendor_Managed_Inventory_Identifier field is supplied.

Each inventory item can be purchased by an unlimited number of suppliers. The supplier order number and unit cost field are provided. Each supplier can have a unique description and part number for an item. The suppliers part description will be used on a reorder.

The application supports issue tickets and reorder tickets. Your order number can be referenced on the ticket.

A contact manager is included. The contact can be a supplier (for ordering parts) or a customer (for issuing parts). Each contact (business) can have an unlimited number of people (employees etc) associated with it and contact fields for cell phone, pager, email etc are provided.

Summary reporting is available on issues and purchases. A reorder report for items below MIN or ROP is provided.

This software prints reports, issue tickets and reorder tickets.

There is a help file and user instructions built in.

Inventory QOH will automatically update when items are issued or received tickets are processed and there is a transaction file for inventory adjustments.

An interface for the tracer software on a palm style data collector is supplied for conducting physical inventory.

Separate data and program (front end, back end) MDB files ensure ease of update with future releases without affecting your data integrity.


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