Microsoft(R) Access application: Site Personnel Management and Tracking



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This software is written with Microsoft Access 2000 and is distributed as an MDB file. It requires registration to obtain unlock codes prior to use. The user is responsible for ensuring they have a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Access in order to run this program. This software is provided as is without warranty and the user assumes all risk associated with use of this software.


If you do not have Microsoft Access installed, you can download and install the Access 2000 runtime from Microsoft's website. The minimal install file is 32MB, and it requires that you already have Internet Explorer 5.0+ installed. Get the run time version here.


The Site Personnel Manager Application software is downloaded as a ZIP file. Text instructions for installation are provided.


This software combines the Time Card Application with the Visitor Management Application to provide complete tracking of who is on your site at any time. Instant reporting about everyone on your site is available for emergency response and planning. SAVE $$$$ when you combine these two applications into one network People Tracking Software Application.



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