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Time Clock and more!

Welcome to Time Clock 1.0

This application was written with Microsoft Access 2000 and is distributed as an MDB/MDE file. The user requires a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Access in order to run this program.

What this software does

This program is a PC replacement for your time card punch clock. You can throw away those time cards and do it all on line with this Microsoft Access 2000 application.

Each user is issued an employee ID and passcode. They can change their passcode at any time. 

Once logged in to the Time Clock Master, they can punch in and punch our as required. Time can be charged to a department, shift and job order as required. When the job order is complete, team members can select or open another job order and accumulate time against this task. They can record details of the work completed on the job order.

Team leaders can log into the system and assign job orders to team members for any day. They can approve time card information assigning regular time and overtime for payroll.

Summary reports are available for job orders by team member, department and account code. Payroll time card punch in/out detail and approved hours are available on reported printouts.

Team members are assigned to a crew so that team leaders only deal with their assigned team members time card and job task information.

This tool can be an effective work order and time management system for controlling your projects or outstanding workload.

A network version is available that allows the system to be used by team members anywhere in your plant with many concurrent users.

Throw away that obsolete time card system and come into the information age! A highly effective and versatile solution to your time card management needs is available at an exceptionally low cost through NBI internet.

The easy to use screens are designed for use with a PC computer and touch screen. No keyboard is required on the production floor and your administration staff can access the data from their existing PC workstation using their Microsoft Access 2000 software.

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