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The ULTIMATE todo list!

How Great Managers Cope with Too Many Responsibilities!

In todays fast paced, do more with less workplace, its easy to feel overwhelmed by competing priorities and looming deadlines. Contrary to popular belief, its not really necessary to work 60 hour weeks to stay on top of it all. The key is to take control of your job, and the ULTIMATE too list is a tool designed to allow you to do just that.

About the application

This application was written with Microsoft Access 2000 and is distributed as an MDB/MDE file. The user requires a valid licensed copy of Microsoft Access in order to run this program.
If you do not have MS access installed on your machine, click the back button and download the runtime application as a free download from the Microsoft website. You will then be able to run this application without MS Access installed.

What this software does

The ULTIMATE todo list is an application that allows you to easily track lists of Issues (or things to do) and effectively follow up to ensure they are completed on time.

The items can be assigned to people in your your Contacts list, grouped by topic or forum for easy reference and summary.

For larger tasks, issues can become projects unto themselves allowing you to assign a schedule for each item in the project. You can even make each project item a sub-task to allow easy delegation, tracking and followup.

To make sense of all this, have a look at our software help file.

We have also included a handy personal diary as part of this application. The diary allows you to store daily events, print these out, and search the diary by keyword. The category function allows you to create an unlimited number of diaries within the application, and search all the diaries at once for the information you require.

The security feature allows you to password protect the application, and assign multiple authorized users each with a unique username and password. This flexibility gives you total control of who is accessing your data.

We are so confident that you will find this to be an indispensible tool in your managers toolbox that we are offering a FREE 30 day trial of this software.

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