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Visitor Management Solutions


In most organizations today, visitors just scribble a name in a paper guest book at reception. These guest books have been around forever because are inexpensive and easy to use. But the data collected is usually incomplete, often difficult to read, and almost impossible to analyze.


Confidential information about who has visited your facility is out in the open and readily available to anyone who wants to flip through the book's pages.  This information tells a story about your company, including who your key suppliers are, who the company contacts and executives are, and what consultants you may be using. The drawbacks of the visitor logbook may have been acceptable years ago, but since 9/11, tighter security is a necessity.


As part of the overall strategy to improve security, most experts are encouraging organizations to do a better job of keeping track of who is in their facility and why. Confidentiality agreements, safety orientations and visitor identification are mandated by many quality systems.
Over the last several years, hundreds of organizations, large and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing the outdated paper log with a secure, electronic visitor management system.


Visitors information is entered into an electronic database. Identification is checked and logged. A photo is taken with a simple webcam. Based on the information entered, visitor or contractor orientation is delivered and verification of delivery is kept in the database to demonstrate due diligence.  A professional quality visitor badge is printed. You streamline the check-in process, and your visitors and employees will feel safer.


Historical information can be reported and analysed easily.



System Requirements


PC with a Pentium III processor (or higher)

Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, or XP

Microsoft Access 2000 (or higher)


If you do not have Microsoft Access installed on your PC, you can download a runtime version from their website. Click Here for the runtime version


Contact Us for full details or for a free demonstration of the software. We can provide full turn key systems on request including a PC, Webcam, printer and the software to get you up and running quickly! Or click the link below to get the software for your existing system.


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Visitor Registration

Print Photo ID Visitor Badges


Print Visitor Logbook Reports

Ensure Visitors Review and Understand
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